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The Case of the Cursed Amulet
The Case of the Cursed Amulet, English novelists

Book three in the Moons & Runes Private Investigators series.


Still grieving the death of her grandmother and the loss of magical connections with her distant ancestors, can Thea Dawson survive yet another earth-shattering blow? Will her small circle of gifted, loyal friends be enough to help her locate a missing girl, face an old enemy, and uncover the secrets of the mysterious cursed amulet?

Thea Dawson is the proprietor of two-thirds of the New Age business Moons & Runes, located on Craft Park, a very spiritual area in the City of Casslewich known as The Pentacle. The other third of the business, situated on the second floor, is owned by her distant cousin Dr Jeremy Tait, a newly qualified private investigator; currently in a coma.

Moons & Runes: The Case of the Cursed Amulet is the third book in cozy series Moons & Runes Private Investigators from English novelist Martine Cullum. This urban fantasy continues the story of friendship and the spiritual world. It is a book about magic set in the (relatively) mundane world of a New Age store, encompassing contemporary fantasy, contemporary romance, cozy crime and the paranormal.


Who knows where the doors to Moons & Runes will take you this time; where… or when.

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Cozy Crime, Urban Fantasy,
and the story of friendship in the spiritual world
Legacy Book Cover, fiction writer
 romance writer
power of positive thinking
"Where even the bad guys mind their 'p's and 'q's"

On Audible

Moons & Runes Legacy

The Audiobook

Released for New Year 2023, the audiobook, narrated by the incredibly talented Mary L Philips of Riveting Narration, is available via

Amazon, ACX and iTunes.

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Moons & Runes Private Investigators: The Case of the Missing Day coming soon on audible.

An Introduction to Moons & Runes

So, tell me, what’s a girl to do?
I’ve inherited my Nan’s enchanting ‘New Age’ business and become the only living protector of our family’s legacy, all whilst doing my best to manage my chronic fatigue and my crazy magical abilities. And what does the Universe send me? Jeremy.

Thank the goddess for my team; a barista with a criminal past, a psychically gifted eco-warrior, a semi-retired doctor and me, a twenty-seven-year-old businesswoman doing her best to live up to her grandmother’s high standards whilst protecting the mother of family secrets. Well, I guess all adventures have to begin somewhere.

Moons & Runes: Legacy, is the first book in the cozy series, Moons & Runes Private Investigators, from English novelist Martine Cullum. This urban fantasy is the story of friendship and the spiritual world. It is a book about magic set in the (relatively) mundane world of a New Age store, encompassing contemporary fantasy, contemporary romance and the paranormal, intertwined with eighteenth century witchcraft.

We’re open for business, step through the door and come on in.

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Magical Realism, Contemporary Romance & Urban Fantasy
The Poise Archives Gifts
The Poise Archives Expansion
The Poise Archives Book 3
Book 3 coming 2024
Next in the series...

An Introduction to The POISE Archives

Emma Dalton, counsellor, therapist, and successful entrepreneur is a woman with a mission; a mission that does not include falling for a dashing undercover agent or getting involved in the dangerous world of shamanic ritual and megalomaniacs.

Already the successful owner of Cocomo, a life-enhancing social enterprise, she is launched into the world of the esoteric through a chance encounter at Heathrow airport; an encounter that will both threaten her life, and bring into it the love and friendship she had not realised was missing.

The POISE Archives: Gifts is the first book by English novelist Martine Cullum. This charming urban fantasy is the story of family, friendship, and the spiritual world. It is a book about magic, the power of positive thinking, and working together to overcome challenges.

Set in Knightsbridge, in London’s West End, The POISE Archives: Gifts encompasses contemporary fantasy, contemporary romance, magical realism and the paranormal.

Cocomo is open for appointments, book yourself in now and share in Emma’s life changing adventure.

Martine Cullum English novelists
Martine's story

Believe in the power of positive thinking and anything is possible.

The daughter of a book printer and a bookbinder, fiction writer Martine was born into the book business. 

At age four, her family moved from London to the Norfolk coast, where she currently works for the NHS and continues ‘But Once’ the power positive absent healing practice she started in 1996.

Martine is a Creative Writing Degree student at the Open University and author of urban fantasy, contemporary romance and contemporary fantasy cozy series focusing on the story of friendship.

With a connection to the spiritual world, the paranormal and the kind of magic that comes from the power of positive thinking, Martine considers writing a book about magic as her contribution to making the world a better place. 

Married with four children, four grandchildren (two on either side of the Atlantic), and a highly strung German/Belgian Shepherd, her limited spare time is spent reading cozy crime, practical magic novels or stories of the awakening spiritual.

Such is the life of the English book writer.


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cozy mystery writers
Paranormal Cozy Crime

Paranormal cozy crime novels are upbeat, optimistic and light hearted with a little bit of magic to help or hinder the sleuth in their investigation. They can have everything from witches to fairies to ghosts to mystics. Each is unique in how it treats the magical side of things in the stories, and that’s what makes paranormal cozies so much fun to read.


Martine's Moons & Runes paranormal cozy crime series, described by readers as The Good Witch meets Private Eyes, encompasses contemporary fantasy, contemporary romance, a little time travel and plenty of magic as the investigations unfold in a practical magic book.

contemporary fantasy
Urban Fantasy

Magic is always an element of urban fantasy, though not necessarily the focus of the story which places supernatural elements in the mundane situation of a city where unusual characters interact with the mundane population whilst using their gifts to fulfil their destiny.



 Martine's magical urban fantasy novels, described by readers as Charlie's Angels meets The X-Files, encompass contemporary fantasy, contemporary romance and the paranormal storylines you would expect from a book about magic. Even in this genre, Martine's writing always follows the upbeat, optimistic and light hearted principles of the cozy series. 

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Book Reviews

"Martine Cullum's characters are endearing and quirky as they bring together many aspects of the paranormal to fight a common enemy. If you are looking for a book full of kindness..."

 "I love fantasy books that include suspense and mystery throughout and this book had it all. I continuously didn't want to put the book down and that is a big thing for me as...

  5.0 out of 5 stars

Moons & Runes: Legacy

Best book this year!

Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2022

One of the best books I’ve read this year! Curses, magic and two interwoven storylines set hundreds of years apart make this an intriguing start to a fantastic new series. Five stars!

"Fantastic!!! Not what I expected and not the usual type of book I would read. For this reason, it took me until about page 40 to really get into it. Then WOW, couldn't put it down..."

5.0 out of 5 stars

A need to read cozy mystery

Reviewed in the United States on November 3, 2022

Moons & Runes: Legacy! I could NOT put this book down! This was the first book from Martine Cullum that I’ve read and let me tell you, I am HOOKED! It’s a relatable, modern day, cozy mystery that keeps you interested the whole time. And the ending, well, you will HAVE to move on to the next book in the series because you NEED to know what happens next! I found myself caring for the characters and wanting things to work out for them, as if they were my friends. Each character is different and brings their own personality to the story but Marianne, she is my favorite character. I love her caring and nurturing soul! She has this ability to help others, without trying! She is what I strive to be. The story is centered around a peaceful, magical place called Craft Park aka The Pentacle. Its such a welcoming place and Martine did such a great job describing it that I felt like I was there, hanging out with everyone. I was able to visualize what the town of Casslewich and the shops looked like. If you want a fun, cozy book, that takes you away from your reality and brings you to a magical place of friendship, peace, and adventure, then you need to read this book!

fantasy writer

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