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Book four in the Moons & Runes Private Investigator Series

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"Larger than life, Detective Chief Inspector Chris Trowse enlists the help of our paranormal investigators, in this fourth book in the Moons & Runes Private Investigator series, to help his beloved little sister after she is struck down by a mysterious illness. What has brought about her serious condition? Does suspicion fall closer to home than Thea Dawson and the team would like to believe? And how does this all relate to Jeremy's unpleasant experience at Marshby Mill? As the case brings Chris and Thea closer together, how will Jeremy react from the spirit world? Step into the magical world of Casslewich for another cozy mystery from English Novelist Martine Cullum, where the possibilities are endless, the story of friendship and the spiritual world is paramount and there is always the hope of romance."
The Case of the Haunted Mill
The Case of the Haunted Mill


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Martine's Story

The daughter of a book printer and a bookbinder, fiction writer Martine was born into the book business. 

At age four, her family moved from London to the Norfolk coast, where she currently works for the NHS and continues ‘But Once’ the power positive absent healing practice she started in 1996.

Martine is a Creative Writing Degree student at the Open University and author of urban fantasy, contemporary romance and contemporary fantasy cozy series focusing on the story of friendship.

With a connection to the spiritual world, the paranormal and the kind of magic that comes from the power of positive thinking, Martine considers writing a book about magic as her contribution to making the world a better place. 

Married with four children, four grandchildren (two on either side of the Atlantic), a highly strung German/Belgian Shepherd and the latest edition to the family, Dante the Cavapoo, her limited spare time is spent reading cozy crime, practical magic novels or stories of the awakening spiritual.

Such is the life of the English book writer.

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"Martine Cullum's characters are endearing and quirky as they bring together many aspects of the paranormal to fight a common enemy. If you are looking for a book full of kindness..."
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