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The Poise Archives
An Introduction to The POISE Archives

Emma Dalton, counsellor, therapist, and successful entrepreneur is a woman with a mission; a mission that does not include falling for a dashing undercover agent or getting involved in the dangerous world of shamanic ritual and megalomaniacs. Already the successful owner of Cocomo, a life-enhancing social enterprise, she is launched into the world of the esoteric through a chance encounter at Heathrow airport; an encounter that will both threaten her life, and bring into it the love and friendship she had not realised was missing. The POISE Archives: Gifts is the first book by English novelist Martine Cullum. This charming urban fantasy is the story of family, friendship, and the spiritual world. It is a book about magic, the power of positive thinking, and working together to overcome challenges. Set in Knightsbridge, in London’s West End, The POISE Archives: Gifts encompasses contemporary fantasy, contemporary romance, magical realism and the paranormal. Cocomo is open for appointments, book yourself in now and share in Emma’s life changing adventure.

Book three in the POISE archive series.

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The third book in the urban fantasy series, The POISE Archives brings the team together again in another esoteric adventure. Using their paranormal skills to fight karmic injustice, they find they need to bring in the expertise of none other than Emma's mother, Sapphire Dalton. Join them as they take on their final adventure in the series and complete the team.

The Poise Archives Completion


Poise Series
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"Martine Cullum's characters are endearing and quirky as they bring together many aspects of the paranormal to fight a common enemy. If you are looking for a book full of kindness..."
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