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The Moons & Runes book series
Moons & Runes
An Introduction to Moons & Runes

So, tell me, what’s a girl to do? I’ve inherited my Nan’s enchanting ‘New Age’ business and become the only living protector of our family’s legacy, all whilst doing my best to manage my chronic fatigue and my crazy magical abilities. And what does the Universe send me? Jeremy. Thank the goddess for my team; a barista with a criminal past, a psychically gifted eco-warrior, a semi-retired doctor and me, a twenty-seven-year-old businesswoman doing her best to live up to her grandmother’s high standards whilst protecting the mother of family secrets. Well, I guess all adventures have to begin somewhere. Moons & Runes: Legacy, is the first book in the cozy series, Moons & Runes Private Investigators, from English novelist Martine Cullum. This urban fantasy is the story of friendship and the spiritual world. It is a book about magic set in the (relatively) mundane world of a New Age store, encompassing contemporary fantasy, contemporary romance and the paranormal, intertwined with eighteenth century witchcraft. We’re open for business, step through the door and come on in.

"Where even the bad guys mind their 'p's and 'q's"

Book four in the Moons & Runes Private Investigator Series

eBook Version Available

"Larger than life, Detective Chief Inspector Chris Trowse enlists the help of our paranormal investigators, in this fourth book in the Moons & Runes Private Investigator series, to help his beloved little sister after she is struck down by a mysterious illness. What has brought about her serious condition? Does suspicion fall closer to home than Thea Dawson and the team would like to believe? And how does this all relate to Jeremy's unpleasant experience at Marshby Mill? As the case brings Chris and Thea closer together, how will Jeremy react from the spirit world? Step into the magical world of Casslewich for another cozy mystery from English Novelist Martine Cullum, where the possibilities are endless, the story of friendship and the spiritual world is paramount and there is always the hope of romance."
The Case of the Haunted Mill
The Case of the Haunted Mill


Moon & Runes Series
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Moons & Runes Legacy Audiobook
The Audiobooks

Released for New Year 2023, the audiobook, narrated by the incredibly talented Mary L Philips of Riveting Narration, is available via

Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

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Also available Moons & Runes Private Investigators,

Book 2: The Case of the Missing Day and

Book 3: The Case of the Cursed Amulet.

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"Martine Cullum's characters are endearing and quirky as they bring together many aspects of the paranormal to fight a common enemy. If you are looking for a book full of kindness..."
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