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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Martine, what made you become a writer?

A. I have always enjoyed writing, but it wasn't until I was approaching my fiftieth birthday that I decided it was something that I would like to do professionally in my retirement years. With a history of working  as a therapist, counsellor, and spiritual healer, and over ten years working with patients in the NHS, I plan to continue bringing the power of positive thinking and the story of friendship to my readers through my books, blogs and courses.

Q.Hi Martine, why did you choose to write in the Cosy genre?

A, I loathe bad language and am disappointed that it has found its way into our books, films and music. To me, it is the forerunner of violence and hatred, and we have too much of that in the world already. My writing aims to create a nicer world by promoting kindness, caring and decency. My cosy mystery series, urban fantasy series and contemporary romance novels all highlight people living in harmony and valuing each other as the unique souls they are. It is in this sense that my books fall into the Cosy genre. Of course there are cute animals and an abundance of tea and cake, too.

Q. Dear Martine Cullum Writes, who is your favourite character from your own books?

A. Oh, that's an easy one. I love all of the characters I create, even the antagonists, but my favourite so far is Marianne Connor from the Moons & Runes Private Investigator (MARPI) series. Marianne is brave, wise and kind and is the perfect character for spiritual awakening books. She knows what she wants and goes for it, but does it in a considerate manner. She becomes the best version of herself and sticks to it through thick and thin, incorporating the spiritual world into her everyday life. 

Q. And what is next in the world of Casslewich?

A. Well, there will undoubtedly be more books following the story of friendship in the MARPI series to come. I have planned for ten in the series as a minimum, but there will be spin-offs. as well. My current work in progress isTime to Shine, the first in the But Once metaphysical cosy romance series, set in Casslewich, so you will see many familiar characters there too. Time to Shine has used the power of books to build on the healing and self development opportunities of my previous works and is structured around the fantastic community resource of a Timebank and, in common with the MARPI series, will shine a light on a poorly understood long term condition. This time, our heroine suffers with depression.

Q. I read somewhere that you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which I do too. Is that why Thea, your protagonist struggles with the symptoms of CFS throughout the Moons & Runes series?

A. I was diagnosed with Post Covid Syndrome (CFS as a result of having Covid), back in 2022, and I wanted to bring a better understanding of CFS to as many people as possible. As withdepression, I don't believe anyone can truly understand what it is like until they have experienced it for themselves, but why not try to help them understand whilst they are enjoying a cosy mystery or a contemporary romance? 

I wish you all the best with managing your condition; please be kind to yourself and feel free to request some absent healing through the But Once Virtual Healing Room if you feel that is right for you.

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