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Moons & Runes: Legacy

Legacy is the first book in a series of Cosy Paranormal Mysteries.

Join Thea Dawson, the owner of a very special New Age store as she fights to keep her business going whilst protecting a family secret and investigating a threat to her entire community which links back in time through four hundred years.

The Poise Archives ~ P1: Gifts

The POISE Archives P1: Gifts' tells of an adventure that throws everyday people into a world full of magic, chaos and danger; where mystical threats are met with equally mystical solutions, and friendships grow between the most unlikely of people. 

The POISE Archives ~ P2: Expansion

The POISE Archives P2: Expansion is the second book in The POISE Archive series. It follows Emma, Ash and the rest of the POISE team as they investigate another esoteric threat to the Universe.

The POISE Archives ~ P3: To Know, To Dare

To Know, to Dare is the working title of the third book in The POISE Archive series.  Coming 2022.

A Guide to a
Healthy Mind
and Body
By Sapphire Dalton in association with Fitness Rox
By Sapphire Dalton
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