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A Healing Meditation ~ by Marianne Connor

Marianne Connor is one of the main characters in Martine Cullum‘s cozy crime series, Moons & Runes Private Investigators. Marianne is a retired doctor, a spiritual healer and… well, I can’t tell you anymore, spoilers and all that. Today, Marianne is sharing with you one of the meditations she, and fellow healer, Sapphire Dalton, from Martine’s urban fantasy trilogy, The POISE Archives, created together.

Hello Dears,

I hope you have been keeping well. I’m going to take a few minutes to prepare you for this meditation and then get straight into it. You may want to get a friend to read it to you, or even record it and play it back. I hope you enjoy.

Sit or lay comfortably in a place where you will not be disturbed. Take the phone off the hook and place your mobile on silent. Ensure that you are at a comfortable temperature and that your clothes are not too tight.

Close your eyes and concentrate your mind on your breathing.

Inhale deeply and hold that breath for a few seconds before letting it out. Repeat the process three times, saying to yourself on the in-breath “I breathe in love” and on the out-breath “I breathe out peace”.

After three deep breaths restore your breathing to normal but continue with the breathing in ‘love’, breathing out ‘peace’ message.

When you feel that your body is relaxed and you are ready to continue, move on to the next stage.

A Special Place in the Country

With your eyes still closed imagine yourself surrounded by a warm mist. Visibility is limited, but you feel safe and warm.

You are standing and you look down at your feet and notice what you are wearing on them.

You notice the ground you are standing on, and gradually you begin to see a path in front of you. The mist begins to clear.

You take a tentative step forward, not sure what you will find, but certain that it is the right thing to do. As you step the mist clears away in front of you.

You see a small wooden bridge and beyond that a path that is bordered on both sides by trees. The trees are moving gently in the breeze, and the sun is shining through them warming your body.

You cross the bridge and begin to walk down the path. In the distance you can see an old gate beyond which is a field of the most beautiful wild flowers.

You approach the gate and find that it opens easily. You step through, closing it behind you.

Slowly you wander through the wild flowers until you come across a clearing where you can sit or lay down comfortably.

This clearing is your special place. You feel the sun gently warming your face. You feel your cares drifting away. You feel safe and open to the healing that you are about to receive. You smile.

Time passes. You can stay here for as long as you feel the healing energy is flowing. You will know when it comes to an end, and when it does you will be happy to make the return journey.


As the flow of healing energy diminishes you rise from your place amongst the flowers, and feeling refreshed and energized begin to make your way back towards the old gate.

Opening the gate and stepping through it you look back at your field thanking it for being there.

You close the gate and continue on down the tree lined path until you reach the bridge.

You can see that on the other side of the bridge the mist is still waiting for your return, and although you are reluctant to leave this place, you know that you can return whenever you wish to.

You cross the bridge and step into the warm and welcoming mist.

This time as the mist starts to clear you become aware of your surroundings once more.

You can feel your breathing, feel the touch of your body on its resting place, you hear familiar sounds in the background.

Once again you take a deep breath; breathing in love, breathing out peace. You repeat this twice more, and when you are ready you open your eyes, taking in everything around you.

You feel completely grounded and back in the real world, grateful for the experience you have just received.

Take a moment to readjust and then have a glass of water to ensure you are completely grounded.

I hope you have enjoyed this meditation. If you would like to know more about myself and the other characters in Martine’s books, please visit the website or follow us on Facebook. if you would just like to follow the blog, please subscribe below.

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