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The POISE Archives

The second book in the POISE Archives series follows Emma, Ash, and the rest of the team as they once again delve into the world of the esoteric.

Kindle - £4.99 Paperback - £8.99

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Martine Cullum Author

Meet Martine

Martine Cullum, Norfolk's Novice Novelist, has lived on the beautiful Norfolk coast since she was four years old. Now, considerably older than that, she is the co-author of two novels in The POISE Archive magical realism series and the sole author of Moons & Runes, the first in a series of cosy paranormal mystery novels. As well as working full-time for the NHS, Martine considers herself a writer in training and is currently a Creative Writing student at the Open University.

Married with four children, three (nearly four at the time of writing) grandchildren and a very highly strung German/Belgian Shepherd, Martine does not get much spare time, but when she does Comicon, Dr Who Conventions, Virtual Reality Experiences (she highly recommends the War of the Worlds one) and a day out at Bewilderwood, are all a great way to spend a day.

only on Amazon

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