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Insider Information - Moons & Runes

Insider Information showing Moons & Runes Legacy book cover
Get the inside scoop on all things Casslewich

Bloodline of the Wytch - Katherine Kemp

I thought my readers might be interested in seeing this family tree. I have kept some of its branches aside as I did not want to be responsible for any spoilers to come in The Case of the Missing Day, The Case of the Cursed Amulet and beyond. You should be ok to look at this after reading book one, Moons & Runes: Legacy.

Welcome to The Pentacle

Moons & Runes is situated in Craft Park, a magical area of Casslewich, known to the locals as The Pentacle. This is my working sketch of The Pentacle with its 15 shops and four cobbled streets giving access by foot

Many of these shops appear in the first three books, with more to come further down the line, and each has its own magic or paranormal connections. I look forward to uncovering them with you as we venture deeper into Thea's world where the magical and the mundane meet on a daily basis.

Meet Persephone, Marianne's lovely Chartreux

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