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Breath-taking moments in an indifferent world ~ by Sapphire Dalton

In today’s ‘In character’ post, Sapphire is going to be looking at how we can make the best out of our lives so that we have more of the moments Maya Angelou is referring to in this well-known quote.

Hello Readers,

We are all struggling at the moment to adjust to the cost-of-living crisis. We tighten our belts, turn down the central heating if we are lucky enough to have it, and maybe cut back on luxuries like upgrading our phones or getting a new set of acrylic nails. For some, I know, things are so much tougher than that. There are those that have no roof over their heads at all, those so short on income that they are forced to give up beloved pets, and those who cannot afford to pay for the prescriptions that they need to stay out of pain.

How then are we supposed to find those moments that take our breath away? How can we ensure that we have a life well lived, even in the throws of economic crisis, not to mention rising crime rates and global warming.

The answer, I believe, is twofold. Firstly, look in the right places. Instead of exotic holidays, find those breathtaking moments in the country around you. Watch the sun rise, or the sunset. Study the stars, if you live somewhere where you can see them. If you can’t see them, study the moon. Likewise, watch the sea, not just on a lovely sunny day, but when it is angry and powerful. Embrace the changing of the seasons, treasuring the wonder of mother nature as she turns the wheel again and again from birth to death and onwards.

Sit quietly in the dark and listen to music, appreciating it on as many levels as you can. Let the sounds infuse you. Feel the vibrations, picture the images that the music evokes. Immerse yourself completely.

All of these ideas link with the ‘Take Notice’ section of the Five Ways to Wellbeing, but there is another section that particularly links to moments that take your breath away.

The second way to find those magic moments, is in the fifth section of those Five Ways to Wellbeing. It is ‘Give’. By giving rather that looking to take, we can create so many feel-good and sometimes breathtaking moments. The kind of moments that make a person’s life worthwhile.

It doesn’t matter what we give. I began this post talking about the cost-of-living crisis, and it naturally follows that being able to give money or food might not be something that we are able to do, but giving our time, our energy and our love to help others, people or animals, can be the most rewarding of actions.

Everyone, yes, everyone, has something they can give to another. Whether it is helping out with a task, fundraising for a shelter or serving soup to those in need. If you are short of ideas, just take a look at this website.

For my own part, I offer absent healing upon request, to anyone who needs or wants it. If you are interested in receiving this, you can get your name put on the healing list by visiting Martine’s website and filling in a very simple form. If you are interested in learning about healing, you can send an email to Martine. Martine and some of her healer friends offer absent healing to those in need twice a week.

It is good to look back at the end of the day and say, ‘Today was a good day. Today I made a difference in someone’s life.’  They may not all be breath-taking days, but they are good days and every now and again they are even spectacular. And that’s good enough for me.

Until next time, take care, be kind and look out for one another.

Kind Regards


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