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10 ‘Ah, yes’ things about Healing Energies ~ by Marianne Connor

An introduction to Marianne Connor by Martine Cullum

I have to say, from the books I have written to date, Marianne is probably my favourite character. Without wanting to give too much away, Marianne had worked her whole life in a role that didn’t quite fit with her beliefs, until she decided to do something about it, proving to herself and others that change, even at her fairly advanced years, was possible. She is an inspiration, a wonderful healer and a good friend to Thea and Summer. Marianne will be writing her blog in character. Over to you, Marianne…

Hello Dears,

Please allow me to tell you just a little more about myself. I am a retired GP volunteering at Moons & Runes as their in-house healer, based in their lovely new Wellness Centre, and working as a receptionist for their exciting Private Investigator business, situated on the next floor up. I am a supporting, and I like to think essential, character in the Moons & Runes team, helping to investigate cozy crime in and around Casslewich.

Today, I have been given the chance to speak to you all about my passion; healing, and how it can have a place in everyone’s life if you wish it to.

When you know, you know

When I was a much younger woman, around thirty years ago, there was a serious car accident just outside my house which resulted in a neighbour being taken to hospital. That evening, some well meaning neighbours called round with a petition they wanted me to sign. They were trying to get safety measures put in place on the corner where the accident had taken place. It was a sensible thing to request, so I took the petition to sign it.

With pen poised, I read the heading on the petition, which began ‘Following this morning’s fatal accident‘.

My hallway, as I stood at the open door, was immediately filled with a bright light and I knew something was wrong. I knew, and I don’t know how, that the injured neighbour had not died, and something was telling me that if I signed that petition whilst it had the word ‘fatal’ in it, it would be like giving her permission to die.

How things change

Now, you have to understand that thirty years ago, I was not the outspoken woman I am now. I was a mouse, I would go along with anything anybody wanted me to do, but a strength came over me. I wouldn’t say I felt brave exactly, it was more that I was absolutely certain of the right thing to do.

I gave the petition back, and told my neighbours that I would gladly sign it after they had removed the word ‘fatal’. They thought I was mad, and after they had gone and I shut the door behind them, I did have to question my own sanity. The light in the hallway was back to normal, I no longer felt brave, but I was left with this absolute certainty that there was something more important to life in this world than I had ever known.

When the student is ready

It is said that when the student is ready the teacher will appear, and so it was for me. That weekend I found myself at our local sports centre (I cannot for the life of me remember why, as I have never been a sporty person) but there was some kind of event going on in the sports hall. My friend dragged me in and we wandered round the stalls, and to cut a long story short I was literally knocked off balance by a woman walking in the other direction, and straight into a stall that was offering training in spiritual healing. And that was me, on my way to a new life.

My neighbour, as I am sure you are wondering, was in hospital for several weeks, but thankfully returned home safely. On the downside, we never did get our speed restrictions.

Healing life

When I carry out my healing sessions, as I do when I’m at Moons & Runes or when working with Martine during our But Once absent healing sessions in the real world, (yes, I know I said I was a fictional character, but I’m based in part on a real person), I never direct the energy to a specific place, or to a specific action. It is not for me to know what needs to be done. I just channel the energy so it is there for anyone who has asked for it. It is the receiver’s higher self that will direct and use the energy appropriately.

I see the healer as a vessel, a channel, a conduit for the energy that comes from the source, (whatever you believe that source to be). It keeps me humble with regard to the gift I have embraced and nurtured, and for which I am so grateful.

Well dears, I have taken enough of your precious time, waffling on about me, but I did feel it was important to provide some context. What I’d like to do now, is to take a look at some of the different ways people think about healing in relation to their beliefs.

1. Witches call it Spells

If you type ‘spells for healing’ into an internet search, you get over 2,500,000 results. That’s a lot to wade through, so if spells are your thing, maybe it would be best to start with something simple. Here’s a list of 10 healing spells you could explore. Personally, spells are not my way of doing things, but I know many for whom it works very well.

2. Christians call it Prayer

According to the Oxford English Dictionary prayer is defined as ‘a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or another deity’, though in quote displayed in the above image it is clearly meant to relate to Christianity. If you are looking for particular prayers focused on healing, I have linked to a list of 23 of them here.

3. Spiritualists call it Manifestation

Linking in very much with what my friend Sapphire said recently in her blog, manifestation is about focusing your thoughts, concentrating on what you hope or dream will come true, in a positive way until you make it come true. There are one or two things to keep in mind here when it comes to healing.

Firstly, what you think might be best for the person to whom you are offering healing, might not be what is right for them. As I said earlier, when I give healing, which I do through a combination of manifestation and prayer, I ask only that it be given for the person’s higher good. I never ask for healing to do anything specific.

Secondly, when attempting to manifest healing for yourself, positive thinking, whilst essential, will only get you so far. Nothing will happen unless you take the relevant actions to help those intentions along the way. This is true of giving healing to others too, and I always encourage my recipients to seek a doctor’s advice if the issue is a medical one.

4. Atheists call it the Placebo effect

Have you ever noticed when you make an appointment with the doctor, you immediately start to feel better? Or maybe you think you have taken a pain killer that was actually only a vitamin, but your headache is lifting anyway? That is the placebo effect. It is said to be about complex neurotransmitters strengthening the communication between the brain and the body, and giving the body what the brain thinks it needs. I will let the professionals explain it much better here.

I like to think of it however as the body reacting to the action it has taken. If you have asked for help, that is the first step in the healing process. That step remains the same whether your healing comes through a witch, a healer or a priest.

5. Scientists call it Quantum Physics

Oh, how I love this one. Recent books about quantum physics have explained healing in a way that anyone who has explored spiritual healing, tai chi, yoga, or chakra meditation has always known. Everything is energy. The Druids have a deep energetic connection with the earth and everything in it, and the Pagans consider Magik to be the science of energy manipulation.

6. Nobody is arguing about its existence

I really wish I had been able to attribute this featured quote to somebody, but I haven’t been able to find its originator. Please, if you know who it was, do comment and let me know. I would like to shake their hand.

To my mind, knowing that a higher power exists and not needing to put a name to that power, is the answer to much of the world’s problems. I was born in the very early 60s, the baby boomers, Flower Power etc. and whilst I lived a very sheltered life, I guess my ‘inner hippie’ prevailed. My view is ‘let the world be filled with love and caring, and there will be no room for starvation, hatred and war.

‘Hands On’, ‘Absent’ or ‘Go with the Flow’

If you have ever thought about having a healing session, you have probably pictured a serene situation with pan pipes and incense, sitting or lying down on a therapy couch. It can be like that, certainly, but it doesn’t have to be. Healing can just as easily be two friends having a cup of coffee and a kind, caring conversation, as long as the intent is there to provide for the recipients higher good.

There is also absent healing. This is where a healer, or a group of healers get together to channel energy for people who have requested it. Often, at the end of such healings, any excess energy is sent out in the world to be put to use wherever it is needed.

Since I did my healing training, some thirty years ago now, I have found that healing not only flows when I am in a meditative state in the Wellness Centre, but it is present in many things I do on a day to day basis, and I have to say that it is a wonderful way to live.

7. So is healing a path for you?

If you feel that healing is your calling, which can be a far gentler prompting than the doorstep lightning bolt that I experienced, (my guess is that I had been receiving prompts in a healing direction for some time, but had been too obtuse to notice them), and it is something you wish to dedicate your life to, there are some things that will be expected of you .

As well as the right teacher, you will need an absolute belief in the energy you are channelling. You will need dedication to your healing career and a a feeling of pride in what you do alongside the humility of knowing that you are simply the channel and not the source of the energy. You will need to be reliable, responsible and disciplined.

8. Self Love & Self Care

As my friend Sapphire Dalton, (another of Martine‘s characters from her urban fantasy series) likes to do, I’m going to quote Ed Sheeran: ‘Before you love someone else, you’ve got to love yourself’.

Place yourself at the top of your priority list, not because you are better than anyone else, but because unless you look after yourself you will not have the strength to care for others.

9. A word about Unconditional Positive Regard

We all originate from the same source, which is why we can connect through healing, but we are contained in unique vessels that have unique experiences on their own karmic journey.

To be a healer, we cannot judge another. Unconditional positive regard, a term coined by humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers, talks of being supportive and accepting of a person without judging them. To me this is a no brainer. How can we possibly judge another without truly understanding them. Martine has, in fact, written a third book in The POISE Archive series which is coming out early next year, on exactly that subject.

10. Creating a safe space in which to work

I hope you have found my little blog interesting, (and I still can’t believe I’m actually blogging), but I would like to leave you with a little exercise from a book that Sapphire and I worked on together, which can help you create the space to make decisions, and if it becomes your path, to deliver your healing.

Sit with your back straight and your feet firmly on the ground. Close your eyes and in the blackness imagine a point of white light about six centimetres above your head.

From that point of light imagine a beam of light shooting forward and curving gently round in front of you, creating and arc of white light from above your head and passing underneath your feet.

The beam continues behind you, though you can’t see it, until it completes the circle, joining up again at the top of your head.

A second beam of light shoots out from the first one at the level of your belly button. It begins to curve around you like a glowing white hula hoop, passing through the first beam behind you and joining up again in front of you.

You are now completely contained in a thin framework of white light.

Using nothing but your mind you stretch the beams of light out on each side so that they all join up to create a complete bubble of light around you.

This is your bubble of protection. It stops any negativity reaching you so that you can meditate or receive healing in complete relaxation.

You can bring it in closer to you, or make it bigger as you wish. You can choose to have anyone or anything inside it with you. You can create a trapdoor in the bottom of it through which you can dump all your unwanted thoughts and feelings so that nothing gets in the way of your healing process.

This protective bubble can be used at any time. It will not of course protect you from getting run over by a bus for example, but it will protect you from negative thoughts from others. I use it every day whether I plan to do any healing or not.

Thank you for reading

Well Dears, I hope you found this old woman’s ramblings useful. You can download a free copy of Sapphire & Marianne’s Healing Room here, and if you would like to hear more about my existence in the Moons & Runes cozy crime universe the books are available here, and I’ll be back with another blog in a few weeks.

Be safe, be brave, be kind.


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