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Never too late to go pro

A decade ago Martine dabbled in writing her first Magical Realism novel, which she successfully self-published (under the name of Jacqueline Ann Southam) with the help of the team at Create Space. A few enthusiastic readers encouraged her to write a second, and she was happy to oblige.

Since then, as well as concentrating on an Arts & Humanities degree course in Creative Writing with The Open University Martine has published two more novels in the Cosy Paranormal Mystery genre and has made good use of her writing skills in the championing of the Personalised Care approach in Health & Social Care.

With a career spanning over thirty years as a Person Centred Counsellor, Health Trainer and Social Prescriber she has worked with thousands of individuals offering  personalised care and supported self-management on a one to one basis. Her mission now is to spread the word about this simple, yet effective way of working and being.


Martine plans to become a full-time writer over the next five years, continuing to write her novels  and increasing the frequency and impact of her blog to improve the wellbeing of her readers.

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